Band Bio

             Sawmill Ridge is a band that infuses itself with a rich traditional sound which comes from the love of traditional bluegrass. Leading the group is Dan Phelps with a sound that originates from his families rich history in the bluegrass world,  some of his favorites are Tony Rice, Lester, Scruggs, just to name a few. His powerful vocals and his Tony Rice Licks gives the engine to the Sawmill. Filling in the middle is Dwight Wright ( Baby Face ) providing that steady chop and them fancy licks on the mandolin, if he is not playing a mando he is building one, Dwight also provides vocals both as a lead and harmony. Next is Tyler Ashcraft ( Smiley ) on the Banjo, Tyler puts the D in drive and B in bluegrass better have your picks on tight when he kicks it, he loves the old Album bands and you can hear it in his pickn. Rounding out the group is Jerry Murnahan ( JR ) helping give the Sawmill it's heartbeat which completes a traditional, fun for the whole family, bring your dancing shoes type of atmosphere. Look forward to seeing y'all down the road God Bless. 

Meet the members of Sawmill Ridge

Dan Phelps - Lead, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals


Born in Portsmouth Ohio, his love or Bluegrass comes from a family rich in the Genre. Dan's grandpa played Dobro for Bill Monroe and Jimmy Martin, his dad and brother are prominent members of the bluegrass world, growing up going to jams and bluegrass festivals he started playing at the age of 13 and never looked back.  Dan is a founding member of the Relentless Mules and has played with Out Of Mind for about ten years, his influences are Tony Rice , Flatt and Scruggs, Clarence White, Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, and the Kentucky Colonels. 

Dwight Wright - Mandolin, Vocals.


Was born and raised in Ohio, his roots are from an Appalachian heritage. Dwight has played mandolin primarily since he was 12 years old, but also likes to play guitar and bass. As a child growing up, it was not uncommon in his home to hear Tom T. Hall, Jimmy Martin, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs and Johnny Cash as these were some of his mother’s favorite artists. Also his father hosted weekly jam sessions. At different points in Dwight’s life, Bobby Thomas, Randy Thomas, Jim Duty, and Max Mobley have all been some of the greatest inspirations in his musical endeavors. Dwight is fortunate to have a beautiful wife of 31 years, (Lisa) who enjoys and supports his music as well as his faith in the Lord.

Tyler Ashcraft - Banjo. Guitar


Raised in Licking County Tyler started playing banjo at the age of 17, introduced to bluegrass thru his grandfather who took him to bluegrass shows at flowers hall in Hanover Ohio. Tyler has played with various bands since learning to love bluegrass, has had the opportunity to open for the Cherryholmes band, Third Tyme Out, The lewis Family, and Mac Wiseman. Tyler has had the previlage of playing at some very honered festivals such as Bill Monroes Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom, Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Festival to name a few. His Drive and Love for the music makes him the Horsepower driving this sawmill!